Con Real Money Gaming online, Aristocrat potenzia l’attività operativa


Aristocrat Leisure Limited has recently announced that Mitchell Bowen will lead the new online department of Real Money Gaming (RMG). Former president of Aristocrat’s American division, Hector Fernandez, will lead Aristocrat Gaming, the group’s dedicated land-based gaming department.


Aristocrat’s new operational plan

Group chief executive and general manager Trevor Croker disclosed details of the new operational plan at the company’s annual general meeting. The announcement comes following an offer of AUD 3.9 billion ($ 2.8 billion) to acquire the Isle of Man gaming software development company Playtech that failed.

The new RMG online segment will join the corporate structure of the Aristocrat brands, which includes Aristocrat Gaming and Pixel United, Big Fish Games, Plarium and Product Madness.

Despite the non-acquisition of Playtech, Coker explained that Aristocrat has invested over the past year “in building real money online slots -like gaming capabilities in-house.”


The words of Trevor Crocker at the general assembly of Aristocrat

Crocker continued: “This scenario will see us invest heavily in building our online RMG platform infrastructure. We will also implement a selection of M&A, partnerships and talent acquisitions to accelerate progress where needed.”

“To bring the right level of attention and momentum to our action, we are creating a third global operational activity within Aristocrat. Achieving a ladder position in the online RMG will be a medium-term goal. It will take sustained investments over a number of years. However, our history shows that Aristocrat knows how to scale businesses successfully. “

“We will apply a mix of effective organic and inorganic investments and financial and operational rigor to achieve our goals, under Mitchell’s leadership and aligned with shareholder interests.”

Referring to Bowen’s new appointment, the group’s chief executive officer and general manager explained that he has already “highlighted his reputation as a global industry executive. His strategic and operational impact is evident, with excellent customer engagement. staff and an unwavering attention to the customer. “

“Mitchell will be supported by a dedicated team that includes a number of internal and external key people to rapidly build our capabilities in relevant areas.”

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